Swift, dramatic change across markets today is making it increasingly difficult for organizations and their people to keep pace. Business models that worked well in the past are at a breaking point, and incremental adjustments will not suffice. Speed, complexity and digitization are creating greater uncertainty, competition and risk, but are also creating greater opportunities for agile organizations prepared to proactively shape the market. Capturing value today while also looking for the next advantage demands agility. Agile leaders are the greatest levers for the future success of an organization.

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Building Strategic Agility Online Course from Duke Corporate Education on Vimeo.

Leaders are the key to embedding the strategic agility required to deal with more complex problems at speed to capture value today and tomorrow. This course gets them ready to do this and become faster, flexible and more resourceful.

Duke CE’s Building Strategic Agility course is designed to help leaders become more agile and capitalize on the new rules of strategy for themselves and their organizations. This course is available in a blended, supported experience for cohorts and an online, self-paced format for individuals and teams.

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